Sustainable Investing

Growth Direction And Challenges

At present, sustainability management entails some challenges for businesses. Even when companies recognize the benefits of sustainability measures, they are unsure about how to report their figures. Data collection from different sources is rather expensive and time-consuming, and current sustainability KPIs are often based on manual processes that aren´t one hundred percent reliable. Moreover, internal and external auditing of reported data is also very expensive, and it requires great efforts. Many asset managers in the U.S.A. already transitioned to GRI standards and more and more investors rely on ESG standards to increase their profits. From “Sustainable Signals”, the 2019 survey conducted by the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing & Bloomberg, it appears that investors prefer sustainable corporations.

Profit Opportunities

75% of asset managers say their firms have adopted sustainable investing, up 10% from 2016. 62% believe it´s possible to maximize financial returns while investing sustainably. 1

Such investment strategy is establishing itself permanently, since sustainable investments offer a long-term solution in view of future perspectives.

A Glimpse In The Future

89% say their firms will devote additional resources to sustainable investing in the next 1-2 years.” 2

What remains undisputed, however, is the premise that data constitutes a critical factor for future growth. Furthermore, according to 70% of the interviewees, what is truly lacking are standard metrics that measure – with high accuracy – the company´s non-financial performance indicators. For this very reason, a great opportunity for expansion lies in the use of a software possessing the following features: tools for the creation of reports relative to the ESG impact and for an exact financial assessment, as well as portal personalization tools.


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