How Climate Friendly Is Envoria?

We truly care about our planet

Therefore our goal is to create a sustainable future and to contribute to decoupling business growth from environmental damage.

Our software solutions are built with the goal of helping companies growing in a way that benefits our planet. Yet we want to contribute to the green transformation not only with our software, but also as a company. We strive to use resources as responsibly as possible and keep our emissions as low as possible.

To ensure that Envoria matches our vision of a climate-friendly business, we have already implemented a range of environmental actions:

  • All of our servers are 100% powered from renewable sources, including client software and websites.
  • We travel responsibly for business, almost exclusively by train. In 2021, there were only 4 individual flights in the entire company, for which we compensated the carbon footprint.
  • Already before the pandemic, we were working almost 100% remotely and will continue to do so afterwards. 95% of our client appointments are held via audio or video conference. This saves a massive amount of travel emissions.
  • We purchase durable IT equipment from suppliers with repair and service options, which reduces our electrical waste.
  • We work in an office port. By sharing our kitchen and meeting rooms, we are able to save additional resources.
  • We avoid using paper and printing. Our invoices are sent electronically in almost all cases.

As companies have a responsibility to lead the way to a sustainable future, we are constantly seeking new climate-friendly measures that we can implement.

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