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CSDDD passes the EU Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee

Apr. 25, 2023

Europe – After a month's delay, following the Environment Committee, the Legal Affairs Committee of the EU Parliament has now also adopted a position on the EU Commission's draft directive. Among other things, in the opinion of the MEPs, more companies are to be affected by the provisions of the European Supply Chain Act than has been the case to date. For example, MEPs voted to extend due diligence requirements beyond suppliers to partners along the value chain (sales, distribution, transport). The directive is also already to be applied by companies with more than 250 employees and sales of more than 40 million euros. The proposals of the Legal Affairs Committee are considered to pave the way for the upcoming vote on the position of the EU Parliament.

NEXT STEPS: The EU Parliament is expected to vote on its official position on the draft in June 2023. As soon as the position of the EU Parliament has been determined, the trilogue votes between the EU Commission, the Council of the EU, and the EU Parliament on the final version of the directive will begin.

Source: European Parliament

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