One software, four flexible modules


ESG Reporting

Use the "ESG Reporting" module to evaluate your activities according to environmental, social, and governance criteria and disclose them according to various standards – including GRI, CSR, ESRS, and more.


EU Taxonomy

Ensure compliance with the regulation and increase efficiency with the "EU Taxonomy" module. Evaluate your economic activities and calculate your turnover, CapEx, and OpEx according to the EU Taxonomy.


Emission Management

Determine the greenhouse gas emissions of your organization with the "Emission Management" module. Calculate your carbon footprint using the greenhouse gas factors for Scope 1, 2, and 3.


Supply Chain

Cover the due diligence requirements of the German Supply Chain Act with the "Supply Chain" module. Ensure transparency and evaluate your suppliers worldwide according to ecological and social criteria.

Compliant, scalable, and audit-proof

The world is constantly changing; and so is your company. Be it because your business is growing or your organization is entering a new market. At the same time, new regulatory frameworks require constant adaptation and audit-proof ensurability from your company.

That's what Envoria always keeps in mind – and therefore offers an ESG reporting software solution that ensures compliance and grows with your business.


One software, many use cases

  • All areas of sustainability reporting in one place
  • For all industries, countries, and various languages
  • For all types of enterprises
  • For all types of teams and organizations
  • With customizable user, rights, and task management options
  • With comprehensive guidance on requirements
  • With easy-to-use visual dashboard

How we can help you as ...



Collect, analyze, monitor, and report all your sustainability data with our easy-to-use reporting software. Whether you are in real estate and construction, manufacturing, or any other industry, we have you covered.


Private equity & bank

Analyze, evaluate, and score your investment or loan portfolio and uncover potential risks with Envoria's software. In addition, check the sustainability performance of potential investments.



Envoria helps you increase transparency – for yourself and your clients. Optimize the efficiency of your sustainability rating and simultaneously improve the satisfaction of your clients.

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Also looking for a partner on your sustainability journey?

We are well-known for our all-in-one reporting software that helps you manage all your sustainability data and meet new disclosure requirements under the EU Green Deal and beyond.

In addition, we give workshops to expand your knowledge of different ESG standards, regulations, and laws. Our ESG experts also help you evaluate your business activities and set up, as well as implement, a roadmap for applying regulatory requirements. And for everything beyond, we have a strong network of Envoria trusted partners you can rely on.