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The company FISA

At FISA (Financial Software Architects GmbH), we are specialized in analytics, controlling, and reporting solutions for financial and non-financial statements. Based on our business focus, we strive to develop the best solutions for our brands Envoria and Contavio.

Our goal is to become the leading sustainability reporting provider in Europe with Envoria, while we aim to offer the best financial reporting software on the market with Contavio. In order to achieve this goal, we are looking for talented and motivated colleagues.

"Get to know the faces behind our company. Smart, creative, and bold – just like our work."

Working with us means...

Open culture with flat hierarchies

Enjoy a diverse, constructive and open-minded culture filled with great people from all over the world. Make the most of our flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes to pitch and pursue your ideas.

Learn and develop

Never try, never know. We live an open error culture and grow with every learning. Also, we offer you a steep development curve, training possibilities, and continuously increasing responsibilities.

Work-life harmony

Home office, hybrid or office? – Your choice. Furthermore, flexible working hours, 30 days vacation, and working time accounts are standard with us.


Your benefits

You matter. Your well-being and happiness are important to us. That's why we not only offer you a job in which you can fully develop and bring in ideas, but also provide you with various benefits.


No all-in contract, but working time account and overtime compensation


34 days off including 30 days of vacation, 2 Impact Days, and 2 days of company holiday


Our working environment is based on you, not the other way around – up to 100% home office is certain


Writing emails with your foot sticking in the sand from time to time: Possible at our company

Development Budget

Annual personal development budget of €1,500 for anything that makes you smarter

Lunch budget

Monthly food budget of up to 108,45€ you can spend at restaurants, delivery services, bakeries or supermarkets

Impact Days

2 Impact Days per year you can use to make a difference on the environment and society

Corporate deals

Great deals and discounts at several brands through our partner ‘Corporate Benefits’

Team events

Whether beer garden, pay day donuts or the table at the Oktoberfest: We enjoy time together


We act on our values


Extreme ownership

We take responsibility in everything we do. That means…

  • We initiate ideas and develop them independently
  • If something goes wrong, we hold nobody accountable but ourselves
  • We don’t wait until change happens, we take actions


Teamwork makes the dream work. That means…

  • We can rely on each other in each and every situation
  • We discuss ideas to find the best possible solution
  • We address open and constructive feedback to become better every day


Passion is energy. And we got a lot of both. That means…

  • We work with heart and soul to achieve great things
  • Our standards are meant to never ever settle for an average solution
  • We manage to ignite the fire in others and truly inspire them

Solution oriented

There are no problems. Only solutions. That means…

  • We think about what is possible and make it happen
  • If we don’t succeed at first we keep trying until it works
  • We don't administrate the status quo, it’s in our vision to actively shape the future

Learning by doing

We’re pioneers. So it happens a lot that we have to do things for the very first time. That means…

  • We’re bold to face new challenges
  • It’s not about failing, it’s about getting back up again
  • If it’s getting hard we never lose heart, mind, and spirit

What department fits you best?

The heart of our company! Within this department, we implement new features and the feedback of our customers into our software. The aim is to implement the individual components as generically as possible so that they can be used for a wide range of use case. In addition, we put our software “through its paces” in order to provide our customers with the best possible software solution. We also work almost continuously to keep up with the latest technology and to adapt the software as necessary. The technologies we use have weekly, if not daily, version updates.

The tasks in Sustainability Management include integrating the content of environmental standards into the software and adapting it to the needs of customers. We therefore deal in depth with all relevant sustainability reporting standards, such as GRI, SASB, ESRS and the GHG Protocol. Many standards are very complex in their requirements, so we try to make them as straightforward and simple as possible for our customers. But at the same time, we also ensure the correct integration of all requirements.

In the area of Sales & Growth we are very close to our customers! Our goal is to convince companies of the advantages of our all-in-one sustainability reporting software solution. Therefore, our focus is on lead generation. We take care of setting price plans, give product presentations, conduct contract negotiations, conclude contracts, and prepare weekly and monthly sales reports. We also manage customer reports and are available to answer customer questions about the software, its features and pricing.

We want Envoria to be the brand of choice in the sustainability reporting market. That’s why we communicate within the area of Marketing & Communication our mission of combining sustainability with profitability to the outside world. The daily task ist to meet (potential) customers exactly where they are on their journey to sustainable business – with all their needs and open questions. We provide them with deep information and insights on sustainability reporting topics, via LinkedIn, our website, our ESG newsletter, trade shows, events or webinars.

People first! In the area of People & Culture, we support and coach employees and management, are contacts for all life situations and advise on various decision-makings. Our biggest goal is to implement a unique work culture, with honest and constructive feedback, personal growth opportunities and individual evolvement. In doing so, we optimize collaboration across all teams and actively support the creation of a strong community. We offer our colleagues an excellent employee journey and encourage and motivate them in their personal development and career path.

The 4 phases of your application process


It starts with your application

We welcome any application that shows a concrete interest in our company. Once received, we will carefully review your documents. If we think it might be a match, our P&C department will contact you for an initial call.


Two rounds to get to know each other

We don't do interviews, we really want to get to know you! And also give you the chance to ask us anything you want. First, you’ll meet your future supervisor to talk about the position and in a following round you’ll meet two of your future colleagues–conducted fully remote at all times.


It's time for feedback

If we realize that you could be an enrichment to our team we will tell you within 24 hours. And if it's not a good fit for certain reasons, you will also get appreciative feedback. So you have the chance to evaluate your performance for future times!


Sign your contract and get excited

If it’s a match, we will send you your contract. Until your official start, our P&C manager will take care of all organizational matters and send you your personal Welcome Box. This way you will already feel connected and part of the team.

Ready to start a new challenge?

We are looking for ambitious, forward-thinking people who want to have a job with a real impact. Send us your application today and join our team!

Take a chance on us

There was no suitable position for you in our open positions? But you are sure that you are a perfect fit for us and can actively drive our business activities forward?

Then we are looking forward to your unsolicited application, in this case with your CV and cover letter.