ESG Data Management

Gather data in a structured way

Makes it easy to always stay on top of your data.

Individualize the KPI structure with a few clicks

Allowing for easy adjustments that make your reporting process more efficient.

Consolidate data from sub companies

Gather all required information for your reporting in one place.

Import data from other systems

Ensuring high compatibility – so you never have to start from scratch.

Management Dashboards and Analytics

Configurable dashboard

Arrange elements the way you need them.

Dashboard for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

See how you are contributing to these goals set by the UN.

Create diagrams with a few clicks

Visualise your data quickly and easily.

Control your KPI’s in realtime

Fast and precise insights for better KPI management.

Finalize and export reports (PDF, Word, etc)

Ensuring that your reports can be easily distributed.

Collaborative Report Generation

Work on reports with your team

Collaborate with multiple users on the reports you create.

Use predefined templates

Saving you time and energy in the reporting process.

Automatically load data from your KPI’s

Convenient integration of all your existing data from other systems.

Insert automatically updated diagrams

For an illustrative and appealing presentation of your data.

Finalize and export reports (PDF, Word, etc)

Ensuring that your reports can be easily distributed.

Add files/evidence such as invoices

Making your report more vivid and trustworthy.

Additional Features

  • Calculate carbon footprints and social factors
  • Define Tasks, Responsiblities and Deadlines
  • Receive E-Mail notifications
  • Easy adjustments (no coding required)
  • Formula & Process Editor
  • Multi language and multi currency support
  • Audit proof
Additional features

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Sustainability is more than a trend; it is becoming a fundamental part of every company.

With Envoria, you can easily set up your ESG process and ensure efficient and simple workflows within your organization.

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