Intuitive interface

Ensuring great usability and convenience from the very start.


Flexibly manage your ESG data

Choose the software modules and scope you need and scale with Envoria whenever your business grows. You can also benefit from various data import and management options.

  • Modular ESG reporting modules and software scope
  • Manual entry or automation of data processes
  • Import of data from past years via Excel spreadsheets – for all modules, organizations, and users
  • Interfaces to ERP systems (such as SAP), SharePoint, AMANA, firesys, mms solutions, and more

Envoria ensures compliance

Envoria is constantly improving and updating its software to make sure your ESG reporting is compliant with regulatory frameworks. Envoria also supports your audits to be more efficient, transparent, and risk-aligned.

  • Integration of various standards and regulations
  • Timely implementation of new and updated regulations
  • Audit-proof processes
  • Continuous software updates

Having complex organizational structures?

Don't worry. Our enterprise-ready software solution enables you to map your organizational structure and efficiently manage your business activities worldwide.

  • Unlimited amount of business units and activities
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Consolidation functions for groups
  • Management of user roles and rights
  • Task management for users or teams
  • Simultaneous team collaboration
  • Data filter on subsidiary, country, and manager level

From preconfiguration to individualization

Fast set up with preconfiguration

  • Predefined KPIs from various standards and regulations such as CSRD/ESRS or GRI
  • Guidance through required data and key figures
  • Preconfigured report templates
  • Checklists for audits
  • Automatic report generation

Customization to company standards

  • Configuration of KPIs via formula editor
  • Own guidance for required data and key figures
  • Configuration of own report template
  • Configuration of dashboard
  • Configuration of team management

Keen about the options of the software?

The modules and features of the Envoria software are exactly what you need? Then find out about about your individual options.

Manage your portfolio as private equity company

Managing the sustainability performance of a portfolio can be challenging. With Envoria, you can easily track the success of your portfolio companies and identify potential risks and opportunities.

The easiest way to do this is to give your portfolio companies access to your Envoria solution. Collecting sustainability data allows you to analyze risky impacts early on and communicate transparently with your stakeholders.

  • Unlimited amount of portfolio companies
  • International regulatory requirements
  • Multi-user log-in per entity
  • Management of user roles and rights
  • Additional and customizable KPIs and guidance per entity
  • Data filter and aggregation on portfolio company, country of location, fund, and manager level