Your roadmap to efficient sustainability reporting

Not sure where to start your sustainability journey? Don't worry, it's the same case for many companies. But we're here to help you so you don't miss out on meeting your internal policies and official requirements.

Plan strategy :

Understand sustainability requirements in your industry and develop your own ESG strategy considering the entire value chain and aligning with the company vision


Define operating model :

Form a sustainability team or even consider a sustainability department to establish the operating model including people, process, and technology


Select framework :

Establish a reporting and disclosure framework for identifying, collecting, analyzing, and reporting your relevant sustainability information


Set targets :

Develop KPIs as well as short- and long-term targets in relation to each ESG factor with the help of reporting standards that provide guidance on measuring sustainability metrics


Decide on technology :

Implement digital IT and reporting infrastructures to meet the dual challenge of sustainable and digital transformation


Collect and report data :

Develop a system for data collection and set up an internal system for review and control of data before you draft your sustainability report


Get started with our software and expertise

Manage all your data with Envoria

Collect, analyze, monitor, and report all your sustainability data with Envoria, the all-in-one software for sustainability reporting.

Envoria covers multiple standards, principles, and legal requirements and simplifies your work with a broad set of intuitive and helpful software features.

Benefit from our expertise

We do not only provide you with a software but also support you with our expertise in ESRS, EU Taxonomy, Supply Chain Law, and more.

Our sustainability experts share their insights during deep-dive workshops and help you start your sustainability journey with an individual roadmap.

How to use the Envoria software


Collect data

Enter your data manually with the help of integrated guidelines, import your data from Excel, or automatically integrate your data via API from external databases such as PorBas, GEMIS, and many more.

Add files for evidence, such as invoices, making your report more vivid and trustworthy.


Analyse data

Embedded analyses for areas like carbon emission, social factors, and circular economy give you insights into your sustainability performance. Pre-configured but adjustable dashboards offer additional data insights.

Data-based decision-making in real-time is possible for every sustainability area you work with.


Control data

Control your KPIs in real-time and get fast and precise insights for better KPI management.

A few clicks allow you to create appealing diagrams that visualize your data quickly, helping you to easily monitor your data.


Report data

After setting up your report design once, all data and visually appealing diagrams will be automatically updated

Finalizing your audit-proof report only takes a few clicks. Different export options (PDF, Word, etc.) are given to ensure that your report can be easily distributed.


Built for compliance

Built for compliance from the ground up, Envoria enables you to meet the latest regulatory requirements while still improving productivity. By offering an all-in-one solution for sustainability reporting, Envoria provides you transparency and confidence in your data and results, reducing stress at the time of an audit.

Envoria also allows you to export your data for standards, frameworks, and principles such as GRI, GHGp, ESRS, SFAP, SDG, ESRS, and more.

Focus on the essentials while we ensure external framework conditions

Automated regulation updates

Don't worry about new regulations and adjustments to existing requirements. In case of regulatory updates, our sustainability and software experts take care of an immediate software integration.

Secure technology

Developed with the latest technology standards, our software ensures you data management, collaboration, and automation in a high-security environment that keeps your sustainability reporting safe.

Audit proof ensurability

Create reports that meet all applicable requirements automatically. Make use of the audit-proof data log-in to easily allow access to external stakeholders and auditors.

Scale with us when you are ready

Envoria can easily scale to meet your needs. From a few business activities to a large enterprise network encompassing multiple subsidiaries and suppliers worldwide, our software covers all your requirements while still providing the control necessary to meet regulations.

Scale with us anytime the

  • Number of users
  • Number of automated interfaces
  • Number of software modules/regulations

Start your journey with us

Whether you want to start your sustainability journey with deep-dive workshops into relevant requirements, get ready with one software module, or cover your whole sustainability reporting process worldwide with one single software, we have you covered.

Envoria for private equities and consultancies

Our software is also eligible for large private equities, investors, and sustainability consultancies looking for a solution that suites their unique needs in their daily work.