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Supply chain due diligence act (LkSG): questionnaire for reporting and handout on complaints procedure published

Oct. 14, 2022

Germany — The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has published further information to support companies in implementing the LkSG: the questionnaire for reporting and a handout on the complaints procedure.

The publication of the questionnaire is intended to give companies the opportunity to check in advance to what extent they are prepared for the implementation of the LkSG at this point in time and where there is a need to catch up. The questionnaire can be downloaded here.

The complaint procedure is intended to give people working in a company, as well as external parties, the opportunity to draw attention to human rights and environmental risks and violations along the supply chain. The handout, which has now been published, is intended to assist companies in establishing an appropriate and effective grievance procedure. The document explains the interaction of the complaint procedure with other due diligence obligations, summarizes the legal requirements, and provides guidance on practical implementation. The handout can be downloaded here.

NEXT STEPS: BAFA plans to provide a digital input mask for answering the questions. The report to be published will then be generated automatically from the answers to the questionnaire.

Source: BAFA

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