From ESG key figure management to a publication-ready annual report with AMANA and Envoria

Munich/Essen, 29.11.2022 - The software specialists Envoria and AMANA have joined forces to simplify the implementation of an end-to-end process in ESG reporting for large and medium-sized companies. The partnership focuses on the new interface configuration between the software for ESG reporting offered by Envoria and the disclosure management system SmartNotes from AMANA.

The process for collecting, generating and controlling ESG data can be complex and time-consuming. This is where Envoria provides a remedy. With its all-in-one software for sustainability reporting, Envoria covers the entire reporting process, provides assistance with all relevant ESG indicators and allows both the calculation and evaluation of complex indicators. The SaaS solution thus supports companies in managing their environmental footprint, reporting ESG and CSR metrics and complying with EU sustainability regulations such as the EU Taxonomy, CSDR, and many more.

The challenge of producing a business report

But many companies are confronted with the last step of the ESG reporting process at the end of the year: The preparation of the annual report. "Often, ESG key figures have to be transferred manually. Errors occur. Time-consuming and duplicated work is the result," explains Sven Schubert, co-founder and CEO of Envoria.

The new interface between Envoria and AMANA solves exactly this problem.

Envoria and AMANA provide end-to-end process for ESG reporting

AMANA's disclosure management system SmartNotes, companies increase their efficiency in the preparation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and can implement current ESEF requirements at the same time. The new interface between Envoria and AMANA allows an end-to-end process, from the determination and transmission of final ESG key figures to the finished annual report, including all ESG and ESEF data. From the first data import to the input of corrections to the publication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media discontinuity - SmartNotes simplifies reporting as the final step of the entire ESG process.

Philipp Stampfuss, Founder and Managing Director of AMANA, summarises: "We are pleased to have gained a strong partner in sustainability reporting with Envoria. In addition to Envoria's expertise, our customers benefit in particular from the simplified application. The new interface enables the use of data within Envoria's ESG reporting as well as in SmartNotes' financial reports."

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With more than 150 developers and experts, AMANA develops specialized, user-friendly and intelligent systems on the topics of taxation, disclosure management, XBRL and leasing. The software solutions are designed to automate processes sustainably and to adapt to the ever-increasing demands of digitalization. An ecosystem consisting of development, support and consulting by experts is available to customers around the software solutions.


Envoria helps companies to comply with disclosure requirements related to new sustainability standards under the EU Green Deal. Envoria provides an all-in-one software that maps standard frameworks (GRI, ESRS, SASB, and more), enables CO2 emissions calculation (Scope 1, 2, and 3), implements EU taxonomy regulatory requirements, and complies with new supply chain laws.

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