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German Bundesrat puts brakes on whistleblower law

Feb. 10, 2023

Germany – The German Bundesrat has stopped the whistleblower law already passed by the Bundestag in December. It provided for extended protection and more contact points for whistleblowers of wrongdoing in public authorities and companies. The aim was for Germany to comply with an EU directive that should have been transposed into national law as early as December 2021. Now the Whistleblower Protection Act must go to the Mediation Committee of the Bundesrat and Bundestag; in the hope that both bodies will agree on a compromise. However, the European Commission will not wait for the result. It has already taken Germany to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) because it is lagging in implementing the European Whistleblower Directive despite repeated reminders.

German Bundestag votes for whistleblower protection law

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