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What is the size of your company?
My company has 500+ employees and is publicly listed
My company has 250+ employees (all companies)
My company has 50-250 employees (all companies)
My company has less than 50 employees (all companies)
Your company is affected by the following ESG regulations:
CSRD - mandatory from 2024
ESRS - mandatory from 2024
EU Taxonomy - mandatory from 2021
EU Taxonomy - mandatory from 2024
EU Supply Chain Act - mandatory from 2024
Additionally, the following actions can be taken:
The following actions can be taken:
ESG report - Full scope (GRI) - e.g. as a preparation for the regulations
ESG report - Full scope (GRI)
ESG report - Quick scope - Core sustainability indicators
ESG Rating or Supplier Assessment
Company Carbon Footprint
Product Carbon Footprint
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
Requirement to implement environmental and social guidelines into the year end report. The implementation of the guidelines must be reviewed by external auditors.
European Sustainability Reporting Standards
Companies need to create a sustainability report and gather, calculate, maintain, and report a large set of sustainability key figures.
EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities
Reporting requirement for the “green” portion of Revenue, CAPEX, and OPEX. Companies need to evaluate their own business activities to be compliant.
EU Supply Chain Act
All suppliers of a company need to be evaluated with regard to environmental and social topics.
ESG/Sustainability Report with comprehensive indicators
Report a full set of qualitative and quantitative information
ESG/Sustainability Report with core indicators
Gather the most important sustainability key figures and create reports for your stakeholders, including investors and end users.
ESG/Sustainability Information for Ratings or Assessments
Gather relevant sustainability data and create the right output for multiple ESG rating agencies or supplier assessments.
Company Carbon Footprint
Calulate your carbon footprint on a company level, including your consumption, fleet, machines, and more. Can be done standalone or as contribution to the regulations.
Product Carbon Footprint
Calulate your carbon footprint on a product level, including your consumption, machines, transportation, and more. Can be done standalone or as contribution to the regulations.

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