Want to jump right into ESG reporting with a software?

I want to start directly

Use the Envoria software to make your sustainability reporting more efficient and transparent. Find out about our flexible software options if you already know which reporting requirements apply to your company.

I need some guidance first

We help you get an understanding of the ESG landscape first. So that you know which standards and regulations apply to your company and where to start with the reporting process – before making any decisions regarding a software-based reporting solution.

Start your ESG reporting journey with our expertise

Step 0.5: Choose the guidance you need

Get a regulatory overview & roadmap

Make use of our expertise and dive into the sustainability reporting topics which are relevant to your business. Staying up to date with all the regulations, standards, and laws can be overwhelming. In our ESG Workshop Series, we help you understand all the complex requirements.

We can also show you how to implement them by determining a roadmap and the next steps for your business. So you feel ready to start your own reporting journey.

Implement your roadmap with us

Do you need more clarification despite the ESG workshops and the joint roadmap development? Or are you just not 100% sure how to get started with your sustainability reporting in practice?

Our ESG experts will be happy to accompany you on your sustainability reporting journey in your day-to-day work and support you in setting up and implementing your reporting processes.

In 3 steps to the Envoria solution that suites your needs

Step 1: Choose the solution scope you need


Software only

Ideal for experienced ESG teams who want to digitize their process immediately.

Within this option, choose your

  • Software scope
  • Software modules

Software & Workshops

For companies that like to take the implementation into their own hands.

Within this option, choose your

  • Software scope
  • Software modules
  • Application workshop

All inclusive

All-round carefree package from the technical evaluation to the finished control process.

Within this option, choose your

  • Software scope
  • Software modules
  • Application workshop
  • Implementation support

Step 2: Choose the software scope you need



Start taking control of your sustainability impact with Envoria. Collect, analyze, and report data with basic features and tools.

  • Best for freelancers and agencies


Simplify your company's sustainability monitoring and reporting process. Make use of additional features, tools and data insights to develop a solid sustainability strategy.

  • Best for small companies


Centralize all your data in one software and automate the sustainability reporting for all your business activities – across multiple business units, portfolios, or subsidiaries worldwide.

  • Best for medium-sized and large companies

Step 3: Choose the reporting modules (& application workshops) you need


ESG Reporting

Use the ESG Reporting module to disclose your environmental, social and corporate governance activities – including GRI, SASB, ESRS, and more.


EU Taxonomy

Ensure compliance and increase efficiency with the EU Taxonomy module. Evaluate business activities concerning the EU Taxonomy and calculate the eligible and aligned revenue, CapEx, and OpEx.


Emission Management

Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and more) with the Emission Management module. Calculate your carbon footprint based on our extensive database of GHG factors for all scopes (1, 2, 3).


Supply Chain

Evaluate all your suppliers with regard to ecological and social issues with the Supply Chain module of Envoria.

Ready to start?

We'll pick you up right where you are on your sustainability reporting journey. Whether you want to request a quote directly, book a demo to see how Envoria works and how we can help you, or ask a question via our contact formular.

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Need help getting a regulatory overview and defining your own roadmap first?

Make use of our expertise and deep dive into the sustainability reporting topics relevant to your business. We know that all the requirements, standards, and laws can be complex and overwhelming. But we are here for you.

In our Deep Dive Workshop Series, we break down complex requirement structures and law phrases into comprehensible knowledge and actionable tasks – to get you the understanding and overview you strive for. We also help you determine the roadmap and next steps for your business. So you feel ready to start your reporting journey.

Deep Dive Workshop Series

  • CSRD
  • EU Taxonomy
  • Emission Management
  • Supply Chain

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Envoria is the all-in-one sustainability reporting software on the market and the easiest way for your client to gather, manage, automate and report all relevant key figures in one place.

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