PwC Germany and Envoria enter into cooperation for ESG reporting

Jan. 19, 2024

Frankfurt am Main/Munich, January 19, 2024 – The auditing and consulting firm PwC Germany (PwC) is the new cooperation partner of Envoria, the all-in-one software for sustainability reporting from Financial Software Architects GmbH (FISA). The strategic partnership aims to guide companies towards sustainable corporate development through comprehensive consulting services and technological support.

In a time of increasing environmental protection and sustainability challenges, companies must rethink their business practices and implement sustainable strategies. In addition, numerous regulatory requirements obligate companies to engage in sustainability reporting, such as CSRD/ESRS, EU Taxonomy, or the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

Integrating ESG criteria into the business strategy is no longer just an option for many companies but a necessity. The challenges on the company side are significant, ranging from regulatory knowledge building to technical aspects and organizational considerations.

The new cooperation between PwC Germany and Envoria provides solutions to these challenges. The collaboration combines the long-standing expertise of a successful consulting firm in financial and sustainability reporting with the proficiency of a renowned software provider in ESG reporting. The combined strengths of both partners allow companies to integrate and implement sustainable business practices comprehensively. Specifically, they provide support in deciphering ESG regulations, implementing ESG reporting processes into existing system landscapes, as well as collecting, managing, monitoring, and reporting ESG data.

"By bringing together our consulting and technical expertise with Envoria's innovative software, we offer companies an integrated solution to transform data management and processes towards the required CSRD sustainability reporting quickly and efficiently, thus meeting their reporting obligations reliably," says Björn Seidel, Partner at PwC Germany.

By utilizing the scalable and audit-proof SaaS solution from Envoria, companies can cover various ESG reporting standards (GRI, ESRS, etc.), the EU Taxonomy, CO2 emissions, and the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act in one place. Integrating ESG software into PwC's consulting services enables companies to streamline their reporting processes and derive concrete measures to reduce ESG impacts more efficiently.

"We are pleased to collaborate with PwC Germany and jointly facilitate companies complying with ESG regulations. By combining Envoria's all-in-one software and PwC's consulting offering, we provide our customers with an integrated solution to meet the challenges of sustainable corporate development successfully," reaffirms Sven Schubert, Co-Founder and CEO at Envoria.

The partnership between PwC Germany and Envoria marks a significant step towards a sustainable business world and underscores the joint commitment of both companies to transformative change.

About PwC Germany:

PwC considers it its mission to build societal trust and solve critical issues. With over 364,000 employees in 151 countries, they contribute to this goal with high-quality, industry-specific services in the areas of auditing, tax, and consulting.

The term PwC refers to the PwC network and one or more of its legally independent network firms.

For more details, visit: www.pwc.com/structure

About Envoria:

Envoria simplifies corporate sustainability reporting across industries and countries with its all-in-one software. The scalable and audit-proof SaaS solution covers various ESG reporting standards (GRI, ESRS, etc.), the EU Taxonomy, CO2 emissions, as well as the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, allowing companies to implement their entire reporting process in just one software – from data collection through analysis and monitoring to sustainability data reporting.

For more information, visit: www.envoria.com

Press contacts:

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PwC Communications
PwC Deutschland (PwC)

Phone: +49 69 9585 5678
Email: bettina.graf@pwc.com

Kristin Bechtold
Senior Marketing Manager
Financial Software Architects GmbH (FISA)

Phone: +49 176 8595 3484
Email: kristin.bechtold@fisa.one

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