Balancing studies and work as a working student at Envoria

Jul. 3, 2024

Imagine a work environment where your academic pursuits and professional ambitions are not only balanced but thrive together. At Envoria, this is the reality for working students like Maya and Malika. Join us as we delve into their stories, exploring how they juggle studies and work, the unique challenges they face, and the rewarding experiences that come with being part of Envoria’s dynamic team. If you're considering a working student position, this interview might just inspire you to take the leap.

Maya and Malika from Envoria in the interview

Hello, you two!
Who are you, and what are you studying?

Maya: Hi, I'm Maya studying for a Master's degree in Sustainability Management at ISM.

Malika: Hi, I'm Malika. I'm 23 years old, and I'm currently in my second semester of a Master's degree in Sustainable Management at the University of Ulm.

What do you do at Envoria, and how long have you been with us?

Maya: I've been a working student in the ESG team at Envoria for almost two months. In this role, I support the team with all ESG topics and also work on the further development of the software.

Malika: I've been with Envoria for over two years now, so I'm almost an old hand :D I work in the marketing team and take care of everything that can be found on Envoria's social media accounts and website. That means I prepare the LinkedIn posts, keep the website up to date and research ESG and reporting topics that form the basis for our Insight articles.

How was the onboarding process at Envoria?

Maya: The onboarding was great! Chris is very friendly and humorous, which helped me feel comfortable right away.

Malika: When I started, there were no HR managers at Envoria. Today, thanks to Chris, things are very different. There is a welcome package, meet-the-team appointments, onboarding documents, etc., and not just for full-time employees but also for working students.

Why a working student job?

Maya: I chose a working student job because I wanted to supplement my full-time studies with practical work experience and enjoy student life at the same time.

Malika: For me personally, a working student job is simply a great way to supplement the knowledge I am acquiring during my studies with practical experience. I'm sure we've all been there: you learn the content in theory, but in practice, everything looks quite different. What's more, the 15-20 hours of work per week are easy to reconcile with my studies, and at the end of the day, I simply earn more money than with a mini-job.

What do you like about your job?

Maya: I particularly appreciate motivating colleagues and working with them. The topics I work on are very exciting and align perfectly with my Master's degree.

Malika: The variety of my work at Envoria is a big plus. I have many different tasks, sometimes more creative and sometimes more analytical. In the more than two years I have been working here, I have gained a lot of experience and become very familiar with my field. As a result, I can almost always solve problems independently, which gives me a good feeling. I also really appreciate the teamwork. Our working atmosphere is extremely cooperative and helpful, making working together effective and enjoyable.

What have you learned so far?

Maya: So far, I've learned a lot about the GHG Protocol in detail and how to use the software effectively.

Malika: In addition to marketing know-how, I have also acquired extensive specialist knowledge in the field of sustainability reporting - especially with regard to ESG regulations. I can apply this knowledge not only in my work at Envoria, but also in my university courses. And, of course, the content of my studies also helps me in my job. This reciprocity definitely helps me personally: on the one hand, I learn how theoretical concepts from my studies work in practice and, on the other hand, how I can deepen my practical knowledge in an academic context.

What is your relationship like as a working student with your team colleagues?

Maya: We all share similar values in the area of sustainability, which leads to a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere. I particularly like the fact that many of my colleagues are still young.

Malika: In general, I would describe our interaction at Envoria as very appreciative and supportive. And in addition to the open and pleasant working atmosphere, the mood at our team events is always great. It almost feels like a big group of friends getting together. We also regularly post memes and funny photos in our "Random" channel in Slack - there's always something to laugh about.

How is your current working student job at Envoria different from your previous jobs, and what makes it special?

Maya: This job is different from my previous experiences because of the friendly atmosphere and mutual trust. I also like the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere and the dynamic, innovative environment.

Malika: Before I started at Envoria, I had a working student job at a large corporation – and then made the conscious decision to get a taste of start-up life. Today, I can clearly say that this was the best decision for me personally. In my previous job, I was often confronted with the classic "internship tasks" and had little freedom to contribute my own ideas due to the clear hierarchies. In contrast, start-up life at Envoria was like night and day: I also felt heard as a working student, and I maintained a relaxed and sometimes friendly relationship with my colleagues. I also have my own small area of responsibility. I often hear the sentence "Do it as you see fit, I trust you", which would have been unthinkable in my previous job.

How do you organize your time effectively between your working student job and your studies, and how does Envoria support you in this?

Maya: Good weekly time management allows me to divide my time effectively between my job and my studies. Envoria supports me with flexibility and very good communication, which helps me to combine my job and studies well.

Malika: I had to relearn how to manage my time between my working student job and my studies during my Master's degree, because it is much more time-consuming than my Bachelor's degree. The first semester was, therefore, a challenge for me, especially as I first had to settle into my new city and find my way around my studies (and, of course, there were plenty of parties, too 😉). I therefore really appreciated the support I received from my supervisor, Kristin, especially during the exam phase. She offered me the opportunity to work a little less during this intensive period and sometimes helped me with tasks. As a result, I had enough time to concentrate on my studies and could cope well with the exam phase. During the semester break, I usually took advantage of the offer to work more than 20 hours a week and concentrate more on my job.

Team home office or office?

Maya: I like both, but working from home gives me more flexibility.

Malika: Although it's not a world away between Ulm and Munich: Team Home Office! The flexibility is simply super important to me, as I'm usually on the road a lot and have relatively busy weeks. I also enjoy being able to work flexibly from anywhere in Germany, even when I'm at home or visiting friends. I'd rather come to Munich for the cool team events than to work 😉

Hand on heart: How much free time do you have left over besides your studies and job?

Maya: It varies depending on the phase. Sometimes, I have more, and sometimes less free time. But overall, there is enough time for relaxation.

Malika: It really varies a lot. In the weeks before the exams, there's not much free time left, but that's fine because I can appreciate my free time even more afterward. During the semester, on the other hand, I definitely have enough time for relaxation, sports, spending time with friends and family, and other activities. Overall, I can't complain 😊

What is your number one tip for all students who want to apply to Envoria?

Maya: Just be yourself and look forward to learning a lot, especially if you are interested in sustainability and innovation!

Malika: I can only agree with Maya. Plus, be honest and open in the interview! We are a super harmonious team, and it's very important that new team members fit in well. Especially as a working student, you don't have to be a sustainability or software professional as long as you're motivated to learn and get involved.

Thank you both very much for your time and the really great conversation!

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