Sustainability Reporting

Join the mission towards a symbiosis of business & environment.

Sustainability Reporting

Join the mission towards a symbiosis of business & environment.

Unleash holistic value creation with Envioria

Sustainability reporting software, allowing you to plan, monitor, manage and report your sustainability journey.


On a mission to align sustainability & profitability

  • Symbiosis as solution: This idea serves as the golden thread in all we do. From a symbioses between our different products to a symbiotic relationship between business and environment.
  • Holistic value creation: Our software solutions are built with the goal of helping your company growing in a way that benefits our planet.
Become Part of the Movement

We have seen that the future of business cannot be decoupled from the impact of business on the environment. Therefore, we are on a movement to enable you to align these two components in your company. Our sustainability reporting solutions will contribute to your business while it lets you contribute to a sustainable future. We provide you with all necessary tools to plan, execute, monitor and report on the sustainability journey of your business.

Holistic Value Creation

The time has come where a thriving business and a thriving environment are no longer contradictory. With Envoria, we set a new bar for sustainability reporting: A holistic software solution that allows you to create an impact for your business and act responsibly, simultaneously. Envoria lets you monitor the data of your sustainability efforts and can create reports of your data right in the application.

Symbiosis of Ecosystems

We believe that the only way forward is the creation of a symbiosis. We need a positive correlation between the ecosystems of business and its environment. Only if we achieve a sustainable interplay of these two at large, we will achieve a prospering, aspiring future. With this aim as our North Star, we have created the tool that enables your company to kick-start this symbiosis – sustainability reporting that benefits your business and everything impacted by it.

Join Envoria today

  • Turn your company into a front-runner in sustainability
  • Empower your company and your co-workers to change the way we do business
  • Generate a profit that generates a better future – for your business and for us all

What can Envoria do for you?

Helps you conduct comprehensive analyses

  • Carbon footprint
  • Consolidation functions for groups
  • Configurable KPI’s via formula editors
  • Benchmarking of targets and actuals
  • Integration of external databases such as ProBas, GEMIS, and many more

Supports international and local reporting frameworks

  • GRI: Global Reporting Initiative
  • SDG: Sustainable Development Goals
  • EMAS: Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
  • Covering ESG reporting
  • Covering CSR reporting

Offers an all-in-one tool and reduces your reporting cost

  • Reporting automation
  • Documentation & automatic integration
  • Comprehensive sustainability reporting for companies
  • Pre-configured reporting templates
  • Task management: warnings, deadlines, reminder functions

Secures the reporting process

  • Full transparency
  • Checklists for audits
  • Data collection & logging of all relevant data
  • Audit simplification & compliance with reasonable assurance requirements
  • Automated security checks

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Sustainability is more than a trend; it is becoming a fundamental part of every company.

With Envoria, you can easily set up your ESG process and ensure efficient and simple workflows within your organization.

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