Article 6

Going Where The Wind Blows

“Going where the wind blows.” In the future, the metaphorical expression could cease to be a mere figure of speech and it could become the b...

Article 5

What Is A Ton Of CO2?

Though naturally present in the atmosphere, CO2 is a gas whose uncontrolled emission has been dangerously increasing through human activitie...

Article 4

GRI Standards

Today, firms and governments must grapple, among others, with the issues of climate change, human rights, institutional governance and socia...

Article 3

Climate Action Plan 2030

The recently adopted Climate Action Plan 2030 includes a clear CO2 price regulation that should come into force in 2021, and definite specif...

Article 1

The EU Taxonomy

It’s the first serious effort by regulators to regulate a disclosure requirement not against a financial measure or a financial risk measure...

Article 2

Envoria Is Joining The GRI Community

Envoria is joining the GRI community The Global Reporting Initiative, known as GRI, was formed in 1997 with the support of the United Nation...

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